Bushey Down Farm


Judges - MAGB Malting Barley Grower of the Year Competition 2011:  The judges were “…particularly impressed when visiting Mr Horn’s farm by his attention to detail, forward thinking, knowledge and enthusiasm. He has a keen appreciation of the value of environmental schemes and a commitment to growing a good quality crop of barley.”

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Bill Young, Nuffield Arable Group Tour May 2011:  “Your crops looked very well and the grain storage facility is one of the tidiest and cleanest I have ever been in…I never forget a good farm and yours is indeed a very good farm which is exceedingly well run. Your attention to detail and tidiness puts it above much of the competition and it is not surprising that you have won the Malting Barley competition…”

Jonathan Arnold, Robin Appel Ltd: "When it comes to growing, harvesting and storing malting barley and indeed presenting it for sale to maltsters and brewers both in the UK and abroad, G Horn and Sons would be right up there with the very best producers the UK has to offer. The attention to detail, the pride in producing top quality raw materials and the investments the family have made in the farming business all combine to achieve a success rate that is second to none in achieving top specifications year in, year out. As a company we are very proud of being associated with growers like the Horns and being able to market their products."